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Auto Login as Guest

Question asked by marcusthebrown on Mar 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by rohit.imfinity
Is there some way that I can automatically login to Share as a guest without bringing up the default slingshot login page?  I want to be able to go directly to a site-dashboard as a guest user by http://myip:8080/share/  or http://myip:8080/share/page/site/mysite/dashboard.  Eventually I will want to implement an enterprise SSO but for now, I'd like to make sure that I can browse through the site without having to go through a login page.

Thanks to Ed (, I can follow the dashboard rendering process up to the redirect in site-index.jsp.  In this file, I made userid="guest" and then specified <authentication>none</authentication> in site-index.xml and in presets.xml .  But I still get re-directed to the login page.

During the rendering of the dashboard page, I see in the source (projects/web-framework/org/alfresco/web/site/servlet/ that the page gets redirected to the login page if page.getAuthentication() returns "user."  But since I specified none in the authentication tags I don't know why I'm still getting redirected to the login page. 

Any help on how to accomplish this would be most appreciated.