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AJAX Category Picker suggestions

Question asked by hbf on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2010 by nicolasraoul
Dear Alfresco engineers,

I've just taken a look at the latest AJAX Category Picker that is in the development version of Alfresco (SVN r1427).

First of all, thanks for bringing an improved category picker in the next release of Alfresco! This is very welcome and the work is much appreciated! – I keep hearing from our content editors that it is very, very time-consuming to change a node's tagging with the V2.1 Category Picker.

I would also like to suggest an improvement. The new picker is still based on selecting a *single* category at a time. After you have selected it, you add it to the list. From what I hear from our editors, this is exactly the weak point of the old, V2.1 Picker! As soon as editors need to add many categories, this strategy becomes almost unusable, you have to click and confirm so much.

What about this: With the very nice AJAX interface that you have now (SVN), you show checkboxes for the tags at the current level (or a UISelectMany). This would make allow for multiple categories to be added at a time and would make the category picker much more useful in my opinion.

(I know that the current architecture (AbstractItemSelector) does not allow for more than one selected item, so I see that it means quite some work… Still, people judge Alfresco also by its usability so I think it would be more than worth the effort!)

Maybe others can comment on this and tell their wishes?

I hope to be able to help with this feedback and thanks again for the work,

P.S. Actually, our editors would prefer a hierarchical UISelectMany list where they initially see the current tags as selected lines and can select the lines (= categories) they want to have. I understand that this is not such a good idea as the category hierarchy can be large, etc. I think the latest AJAX browser with checkboxes would be very nice!