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WebStudio How to work in detail

Question asked by ebi70 on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by saboab
Dear All,

First of all I am new with a WCM-System and try to learn about, till now not everything is clear for me!

I played now a little with the Alfresco Labs 3 version.
I have seen Surf, WebStudio, etc.

Now I try to created a dynamic WebSite with Alfresco Studio.

I have created a new Project in Studio based on the "Green Energie … template".
I filled the header, footer, etc. with the corresponding components and have seen in Alfresco WCM that there is now my created Project with a few files in the subfolders:
* components
* pages
* etc.

Now comes my questions:
   1. What I missed, are the files, which include the HTML-code, which I inserted in the components. Must I create them self in Alfresco WCM?
   2. How can I test then my created Web-Site?
   3. When I want to have own Web Components, how I can I do this? Must I create them in Surf and upload them?
   4. I have created a simple WebSite in Surf, must I now create in the corresponding missing files in WCM-System in my project self?

As I sayed before. This is my first time I play with a CM-System, when you would have a document for beginners with a description, how all components of Alfresco play together, this would be very nice. Or a sample, of how to create a WebSite with Studio from scratch, with testing and a description  what I must create self, or save then some where files, etc, this would be perfect. I have read many manuals and descriptions on the wiki. The manuals are a good, as well as the description in it, but I think they are written for users, which have knowledge with a CM-System, but as you can see I am a beginner.

Hope my questions are not to confusing!

Thanks for you helps.

Best regards,