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Custom Aspect in Alfresco 3.0

Question asked by ramakrishnanr on Mar 25, 2009

I'm trying to create a custom aspect behaviour by following the SDK example provided. When the tomcat server starts, the init() method in the bean defined in the mycustom-context.xml file throws an error saying
"Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Class {extension.beanname}beanname has not been defined in the data dictionary"

Lookin at the jira, i see couple of defects raised (ticket AR-2205 and ALFCOM-1192). The ticket mentions that we shouldnt be using "extension.dictionaryBootstrap" in our bean id and as such there shouldnt be a dependency on init-method (this is provided as a comment in the alfresco's core-services-context.xml file ).

I tried with both "extension.dictionaryBootstrap" as well as "mymodel.dictionaryBootstrap" in the bean id in my custom context xml but in both case it ends up saying the bean class is not defined in the data dictionary.

Have any one encountered this issue in alfresco 3.0 version?

If not, any idea how to create custom aspect in alfresco 3.0?

Many thanks.