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config files for Alfresco 2.9B for defining custom models

Question asked by fhomasp on Jan 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2008 by fhomasp
Hey guys,

My project leader told me to use 2.9B as version.  Problem with this version is of course the location and config for adding custom models and aspects.  I took a look at the wiki links for defining the data dictionary and such and I think I'm missing something.
placed my custom model in the dir:
and defined it in the file:

I restarted the alfresco server,  got no exceptions but I cannot seem to find the model in the UI, nor the custom aspect.  But if I change the path to my custom model in the custom context xml file to a non existant value I do get an exception.  So obviously the path the the config is ok.

So if anyone can direct me to the correct config files I'd really appreciate it.
I did however encounter less problems with this version than with 2.1.  Just basing a user home on a previously defined user home gave me a serious exception.  I have not had a runtime exception so far with 2.9B.

my used code:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>


    <!– Registration of new models    –>
    <bean id="extension.dictionaryBootstrap" parent="dictionaryModelBootstrap" depends-on="dictionaryBootstrap">
        <property name="models">

    <bean id="rlsCVModels" parent="dictionaryModelBootstrap" depends-on="dictionaryBootstrap">
        <property name="models">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!– Definition of new Model –>

<!– The important part here is the name - Note: the use of the my: namespace
     which is defined further on in the document –>
<model name="rls:cvmodel" xmlns="">

   <!– Optional meta-data about the model –>  
   <description>Example custom Model</description>

   <!– Imports are required to allow references to definitions in other models –>  
        <!– Import Alfresco Dictionary Definitions –>
      <import uri="" prefix="d"/>
      <!– Import Alfresco Content Domain Model Definitions –>
      <import uri="" prefix="cm"/>

   <!– Introduction of new namespaces defined by this model –>
   <!– NOTE: The following namespace should be changed to reflect your own namespace –>
      <namespace uri="" prefix="rls"/>
      <!– Definition of new Content Type: Real CV –>
      <type name="rls:cv">
         <title>Real CV</title>
            <property name="rls:name">
      <!– Definition of new Content Aspect: Locatable –>
      <aspect name="rls:locatable">
            <property name="rls:address">
            <property name="rls:city">
         <property name="rls:postalCode">
            <property name="rls:country">