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First Approach to Customization through xml

Question asked by joksy on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2009 by joksy
Hi everyBody,

I m a fresh user to alfresco and red somewhere that it is possible to custumize some part of alfresco without touching the source code. So I ve followed the guide form
Since i also blocked to a problem to one in the TestModel Validator, i ' m try to see the customization stopping and restarting alfresco. But nothing change, my doubt is: Strange because  I red that alfresco will read the xml files in the shared/extension folder.

So I simply break some of xml files by removing, the closing tag, and when alfresco start no error will be reported in the log file and also during the catalina initialization.

Someone have an idea??

I want to notice that my alfresco was builded form svn repository maybe i forgot somethings

Really Thanks Have a nice day/night depending where you are.