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Backup strategies

Question asked by boden on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2009 by dnind
I've read the wiki article about backing up Alfresco, and it's all fine and understandable.  However, it's really only useful for restoring Alfresco in its entirety to a specific past state.

Say for instance that a user deletes a file accidentally and doesn't realize it for a couple of weeks.  If my Alfresco backups only consist of repository content and its corresponding database backup, how can I restore a file from an old backup set?  Do I have to install Alfresco and the database on another machine, restore the backup, and then manually yank the file out and manually put it back in to my production Alfresco instance?

Also, how are people archiving Alfresco content?  Let's say that I store archives once per quarter of all my data and I retain these archives for a number of years.  If I ever needed to go back to retrieve some content , do I need to install the appropriate old version of Alfresco + database and then restore the archived content?  I guess this is pretty much the same question as above.