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Advice on customizing folder object

Question asked by kh1 on Jan 14, 2008
Hi All,

I've got a question and wanted to now your opinion about how to solve best next situation.

At our customer we create a space, which they can use as collaboration environment, project environment etc. here we set some access rights (the requestor will become coordinator rights on this space) so he/she can create sub-spaced and administrate their space. now we want them to not be able to change the properties/permissions of the space we have created.

Now I had the idea to create a custom folder type, which has got the same properties as the original and then change the permissions-definitions file.

is it in there possible to have the coordinator have the "full access" on the cm:folder and everything except the "writeproperties" and changepermissions? because if they create a new sub-space they automatically have the enherited permissions enabled. which means that they have the original rights (for cm:folder) on the sub-spaces….



or do you have another suggestion for this problem