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configuring repository services

Question asked by sdadmin on Jan 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2008 by kevinr
I am very new to using alfresco, and am running it (ver 1.0.1) as a VM jumpbox on a machine running ubuntu. I have been doing a bit of reading in regards to repository services, and other versions in development but was trying to find some explaination as to whats what.

My goal is to set up alfresco, for very simple content flow to pass documents through an approval process. I am most interested in setting up the ability for a user to rec' an email when the document is added to his or her view, or has left his or her view.

I understand that this ability is available as a repository service, but am completely lost as to pretty much everything. How are these files added in? I am guessing the files need to be decompiled edited and recompiled? Where do these files go, etc. If someone would have mercy on me and break it down into something a little more step by step I would be extremely appreciative. And whats the deal with other alfresco Versions? where are these at?