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Repeating fields and repeating Aspects

Question asked by fhomasp on Jan 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2008 by mikef

Sorry for my thread-posting-spree as of late.  Maybe some will get answered eh :)
J/K… ;)

I added a bunch of aspects to a specific type of document which provide additional fields for input.  Now some fields are supposed to be repetitive.  For example, an employee will likely have more than one finished project in his history, or more than one job history type. 
My colleage has been able to specify a specific field als multiple which allows list adding.  In fact I was about to post this thread when he did.  We then attempted to add multiple as property to the declaration of the aspect like this:
<aspect name="rls:locatable" multiple="true">
But that didn't work, although it did allow alfresco to startup correctly.  Adding <multiple true/> or any variation didn't allow correct startup.

I do feel that I have a good question this time, so bear with me :) ;)

Cheers all,