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jsp includes in ftl after changing virt server domain

Question asked by salbanese on Jan 15, 2008

I have some freemarker templates that include some jsp files from inside the same web project.  I've had great success with this while I used the ip.alfrescodemo url for the virtual server.  Due to some restrictions with my clients firewall I had to change the virt server url to something I could front through mod_jk.  I added all the appropriate cnames to my dns, both with and without the preceding preview.blah blah blah.  ( i am unable to assign wild card cnames ).  The virt server has been working wonderfully with the new domain.  I can preview web content without issue.  The problem occurs when I try to render the freemarker templates that reference the jsp..I get a FileNotFoundException.

One interesting fact is that the xsd files used to generate the forms also reference jsp files inside the same web project, and do so quite successfully. Now the real mind bender is that if I create new web content, and save the files to the project (click the finish button)  the freemarker renditions that were referencing the jsps are obviously not there, but if I then edit the same content (through the raw xml) and click save it works just fine. 

I've upped the logging to catch the urls alfresco is looking for and have no problem hitting those urls via wget from the same server, so I don't think it's a dns issue, or a path issue.  I'm just not sure what is different about the very first time wcm tries to render those freemarker templates.  Not sure where to look next (other than stepping through the source code) or what additional info would be helpful here.

things work fine if I switch back to the ip.alfrescodemo url by the way.

any help would be much appreciated, thank you!