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Node creation taking up to 30 seconds!

Question asked by jppereyra on Mar 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2009 by zomurn
Hi all,

We are having a weird issue. Node creation through the Alfresco Repository API is taking up to 30 seconds in some cases, and the same goes for moving a node among spaces. This is an issue I haven't seen before, and these are the things I've already checked:

- Disk access is not an issue, hdparm -t reports normal results.
- DB access, mysql innodb status doesn't report anything out of the usual.
- Other I/O issues, the time consumed while the node creation takes place seems to be dedicated to hibernate-mysql queries, lots of them, one every couple of milliseconds, for more than 15-20 seconds.
- Lucene presents no issues acquiring locks or searching the indexes

I don't have the code right now but I can post it tomorrow. At first, I thought that the issue was the amount of nodes in the same space (>5000) but with an empty space the same happens. The process is as follows, when a new file (an xml) is uploaded to a given space (inbox), the xml is parsed and an Alfresco node is created and then moved elsewhere. Any ideas?