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Creating a Project with custom subfolders in 2.9B

Question asked by dmatejka on Jan 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2008 by mikeh
Hi everybody,
during our testing of Alfresco 2.9B we have tested creating of the Projects spaces.

I have no idea how, (we have done some really bad stuff :) ), but now when I try to create new Project there is always a structure of my custom folders and files - inside this new project under Document Library space.

The structure and content is the same as in one of the first projects I have been creating - there was an error during the creation (I do not remember what the error was about).

That directory has been erased long time ago, but all new Projects are created with exactly the same structure and files.

Is there any way how to SET THIS structure (could be a great functionality), or we just screwed it up? :)

Best regards,