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Question asked by nancyg on Jan 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2008 by nancyg
Hello -

First, thanks to everyone who has posted and especially to those who have taken time to answer questions in the Alfresco forums. In an effort to recognize those who have gone the extra mile in the forums, we've turned on the phpBB ranking feature.

We are using the following titles and number of posts for each title:

5-20 posts> Community Member
21-50 posts> Community Contributor
51-100 posts> Pro Community Contributor
101 – 150 posts> Community Achiever
>150 posts> Community Guru

We'll publish the top contributors on developer home page each month. Even though we know you answer questions to support each other and to help build a strong community, we are also looking for other, more tangible ways to say "thank you".


Nancy Garrity
Alfresco Community Manager