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Permission problem in myspaces-webscript (Status 500)

Question asked by _sax on Jan 16, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by andy
When viewing the MySpaces List in the dashboard, everything is working, if the user logged in has the rights to access companyhome. But as soon as say, a guest is trying to view this list, he gets an Web Script Status 500 error, stating the variable companyhome is undefined.
The there mentioned myspaces.get.html.ftl defines which path should be displayed in the dashboard. But even if that is being altered to userhome or
<#assign home=companyhome.childByNamePath["/Guest Home"]>
the message stays the same (except naming userhome instead of companyhome as undefined).
As only very few users will be allowed to access companyhome in an Alfresco installation, this seems to be a common problem. We can reproduce it on 2.1 (Community) and 2.9b, the ladder being freshly installed.
Is this a known problem?