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Alfresco for remote collaboration hosting

Question asked by rtacconi on Mar 29, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by rtacconi

I would like to use Alfresco Share for remote collaboration of CAD designers. The designers should share autocad files, Word documents, etc. having a message board and using a project management tool. They should be organized as groups/teams to manage one or more projects. Each cannot absolutely see what another team is using, since the Alfresco installation will provide this service as a hosting service for different companies.

So, it is possible to create a hosting solution where teams can manage project in a sort of 'sandboxes' having the content separated from each other?

Second question: since there is not any project management tool in Alfresco, which best tool is suitable for this task? Just developing an extension with Spring an Hibernate or with other Alfresco's in-built tools, such a Freemarker or Web script?

Thanks very much.