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Question asked by jurossiar on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by jurossiar
Hi guys, I'm a newby developer for the Alfresco CM. As I dont have much time to research the entire framework, I was wondering if anyone could help me address the following issues:
- first of all, I'm looking for some hotspot to develop certain types of contents, meaning I need to create staff like "news", "event", and so on, regarding each type of content has its own field structure. Is there any straightforward way to do that?
- I already have a simple Bussiness Java Model (plain old java objects (pojo) describing a certain domain), and it's a must for my project to link the contents managed with this product to the mentioned java model. Any chance to do that?
- finally, I need to define a workflow (with a fixed set of states and transitions), through which every content will be generated. Moreover, there must be users having roles, capable of moving a content from one state to another. I think this pretty much a feature of Alfresco, where should I start looking?
Any tip, how-to, tutorial or whatever will help me. Thanks a lot!