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What is the Roadmap for resolving problems with JCR?

Question asked by bernardus.reuter-bol on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by rdanner
Hello Alfresco,

For our commercial projects we are looking for an open source CMS with a JCR-Interface. We installed and evaluated Alfresco and are now having the following questions.

What is the roadmap of Alfresco with regards to JCR? Is it still true that a stable JCR-RMI connector is currently not available (referring to Do you plan a stable JCR based remote (RMI, WebDAV) adaptor in the near future? If yes, when will it be available?

We checked the JCR-JNDI adaptor. It works, but we ran into the problem "Only one active session is allowed per thread."

Can you advice on how to resolve this problem?

Regards Bernardus Reuter-Bol