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Problem with multiple sessions

Question asked by stevewickii on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by stevewickii
I am having trouble with the alfresco session getting closed to early, and subsequent webservice requests throwing exceptions like this "AuthenticationFault: Missing ticket for TICKET_2013a944ec66018941e2be80c8e484074654250d".

I have found that two calls to AuthenticationUtils.startSession with the same username and password return the same Ticket number until AuthenticationUtils.endSession() is invoked.  I have a clustered environment, as I am sure many serious implementers do, and my JSPs from multiple nodes are ending eachother's sessions prematurely because they are each starting their own sessions in parallel and getting the same ticket number.

I am considering NOT calling AuthenticationUtils.endSession() to prevent one JSP from ending another JSP's alfresco session.  Is this a good solution?

Is there an alternative or better way to handle opening and closing sessions?