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API help wanted: Upload, use aspects, reference properties

Question asked by fhomasp on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by fhomasp

So I have had my requirements changed and I am thinking about a new approach.

Here's what I want to do:
I am rather newbish at the Alfresco SDK and I am having trouble with figuring out where to get the nessessary info from which classes etc.

But anyway.

The idea is to build a sort of app that manages an employees properties.
Right now I have made a bunch of custom aspects containing those properties.  Every aspect is in charge of holding specific info, for example:
The experience aspect contains previous project info from a specific employee, the locatable aspect contains the employees residence info, and so on.  This is for later use so I can select which properties I want to output using freemarker.

The properties are defined and located in the specifically written java classes, written so they look like their aspect counterpart.
I then use a collection for containing those objects containing the info.  This controlling class, containing the collection, will then be serialized to a file and it's that file I want to upload to the repository.

For uploading I have found the following post here:

But how do I determine the args I need to use?
The address I can figure out, that's "localhost:8080/alfresco" right?
The filename is of course the file I used for containing the serialized objects.
The mimetype will probably be "text" or "text/html" ?
So how do I determine the right parentNode? and the filetype is this just "txt"?

I also want to be able to attach the properties in the java objects to the aspect properties I defined.  Otherwise what's the point of using alfresco :)

I know I am asking a lot of info but really, I have searched, tried and drowned in the info and possibilities available.

Thanks in advance ;)