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Documents appear in Share, not in Explorer or WebDAV folders

Question asked by fernandoe on Mar 30, 2009
Hi all,

Finally, I have a moment to report this little issue we've encountered a few times.

There is a folder in our documentLibrary called New_Project. Inside this folder, there exists several other folders, all of which are empty. This top-level folder copied and then pasted, and then renamed to reflect the associated project name and number.

In one case, when the folder was copied, all of the subfolders within it appeared in duplicate when viewed through Alfresco Share (folder A(1), folder A(2) existed).  However, this was not the case when the folder was viewed in Explorer or WebDAV (everything appeared as it should have been, folder A.) When we clicked on folder A(1), it would open up the folder, and we would see the subfolders. When we clicked on folder A(2), it would react as if we were navigating back to the top level of our documentLibrary.

In the most recent case, the blank folder was copied. Within two of the subfolders, there appeared to be two documents. When the document was clicked on, you were brought tot he document description page, but according to the breadcrumb, we had been taken out of the copied folder, and into an already-existing project folder. Once again, this was not the case via WebDAV or Explorer; the copied folders were empty as they should be.

After renaming the folder in Alfresco Share, the 'ghost' documents still appears. However, after renaming the folder via WebDAV, the 'ghost' documents disappeared from Share, thus correctly reflecting the contents of the folder.

Apologies for the lengthy post. I hope someone out there has at least a foggy idea of what might be the issue.