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Deleted files from AVM displayed in search result

Question asked by spillai on Jan 21, 2008
Anyone out there for help!

I am trying to search(Lucene Search) the AVM folder to retrieve the contents of all the xml files from a particular folder. But the problem is that if I delete a file from this folder that too even is displayed again in the search result.

The JS file:

var storeRoot = avm.lookupStore("Demo");

var folder = storeRoot.lookupNode("ROOT/CQ");
if (folder == undefined || !folder.isContainer)
   status.code = 404;
   status.message = "Folder " + url.extension + " not found.";
   status.redirect = true;
model.folder = folder;

The FTL file:

<#list folder.childrenByLuceneSearch["TEXT:string1"]  as ch>
<#if == "text/xml">

Sujay Pillai