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Surf development strategies

Question asked by mimo on Mar 31, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by ssaravanan

I'm looking for some sort of surf development vision. The more I look into surf the more question I have. The major question here is working with remote repository and webscripts. I've seen Ben's great introduction to Surf.  I've found some ideas difficult to understand. For example: I need to generate aggregation of documents on my index page. I've found web forms renditions to be insufficient to walk through the documents the way I like. So the idea here is to use webscripts. There is a simple demonstration in Ben's blog. But when I see that the application logic is divided betweeen remote repository and local webscripts I find it a little too much elaborate.

Do you really build the applications this way that you generate remote end to serve documents, then you parse the remote responses in local webscripts to generate final answers? I've tried that model - for relatively simple pages containing 5-8 local-remote component pairs it takes 10-15 seconds to agregate the whole view. So it's rather not for online rendering.

Are there any general documents showing development strategies with surf? Or any websites one could see?