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Unique logical name for space

Question asked by ruediger_e on Mar 31, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by zaizi

When instantiating template spaces we wanted to have something like a unique logical name. The idea is that
we could refer to a space template by this name.

Why do we want to have somthing like that:

- we need something to access the space template by a JSF managed bean (dialog or wizard)

- we don't want to use a folder (space) path, because we can't refactor folder structures any more

- we also don't want to use generated unique properties like node-uuid or node-dbid because they are different
  between separate Alfresco instances -> so we would have to write code instance specific (not possible when
  using development, test and production environments)

So my idea was to have a property with a kind of logical name of the space template. But this property needs to
have a unique value. I developed for Vignette Collaboration which had some similar concepts to Alfresco and I
remember that they had such logical name to refer to alle kind of types, templates etc.

We could add a logical name property to all content types and write a behaviour which checks the uniqueness of
the value. But this seems to be a bad workaround which could have negative performance implications and which
wouldn't be transacion save.

How are you refering to space templates when instantiating them?

Thanks a lot!

Rüdiger Engelberger