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Error with WebForms (..provide required Fields)

Question asked by xexiz on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2008 by umbellus
I hope someone already got this problem. Everyday.. I really don't know why.. this is happening. Every field in my Form is completed.. and I've tried so much different forms. But this error keeps coming back. I can't press next, back neither Finish.. i only can Cancel.

The temporary solution for this comportement is to close the browser and clean all the Cache, Saved Forms, Download History, Browsing History. But this has no sense at all. I DONT want to do tihs everyday and type back the informations in the form several time..

I'm hoping someone could help me.
-I'm using Firefox
-and using alfresco 2.1 downloaded from this link (


Here's a screen of this problem: