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Alfresco, NTLM and Domain security

Question asked by bashmaq on Apr 1, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2009 by bashmaq
Good day everyone. There is another one problem I have faced today.
My config: ContOS 5.2, Alfresco Labs 3Stable, PostgreSQL 8.3, NTLM auth and LDAP account syncronization with AD (Windows 2003).
The problem is in domain security policy. Users can logon to defined workstations only. So when they try to login to alfresco - authentication failed. As I can see in security audit (on Windows 2003 DC) Alfresco trying to authenticate user on behalf itself, i.e. as a source of authentication it declares its hostname (\\ALF-HOST in my case)… with modificators. For examle, \\ALF-HOST_21… Another time it is \\ALF-HOST_22 etc
So I can`t add Alfresco hostname to the list of allowed host in users` accounts to solve the problem.
Any thoughts or advices? Maybe there is a way to set permanent hostname or alias?