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Looking for Performance Tips

Question asked by pepecarioca on Apr 1, 2009
Hi everybody…

We are developing extensions for Alfresco 3.0, we have several rules among several spaces, nothing non-typical for Alfresco.

The problem that we are seeing is when we have some concurrent threads (for example 40) running the same rule on the same folderm, where every thread takes a little more than the previous to complete the work (This makes Alfresco unusable). Obviously, we are suffering from a bottleneck, and we are still looking for it.
Within this context, is there a place where I can find tips for avoiding this kind of problems in Alfresco?

  Our guess is that this is a transaction problem, where all the threads try to create a new space in the same space, and this work "is serialized" by Alfresco.

Any help will be appreciated.