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Question asked by burriad on Apr 1, 2009
What I really miss in Alfresco is a Windows like deny functionality on subspaces.

Especially: Suppose you granted Write permission to a user. On a sensitive subspace, you want to take away the Write permission. (And only this one! I know I can cut off inheritance of permissions altogether, but this is not quite what I want, since this particular user has a whole bunch of permissions I want to retain.) Then I would need a list of permissions this user has, with the possibility to give either a deny (which always denies, even if there's an allow) or take away an allow given on a parent. (Actually the second option would be enough for my purpose, and makes for a much simpler algorithm than the Windows solution)

Additionally, I want to be able to deny based on dynamic authorities, because then I can restrict access programmatically based on properties (like a confidentiality property, for instance).