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Help with deploying our application - Really important!!!

Question asked by shlomi on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2008 by shlomi
Hello, please read and help me out with this issue..

We have configured alfresco to reflect our application, and would like to deploy a fresh installation to a client.

The application also consists of a certain structure of spaces, users and groups, with rules and custom scripts.

In our development env, we have added and removed files, to test the application, and we would like to deliver the application with an empty repository, yet a fully customized one (as described above).

I have removed all files (and permanently removed them from the console too), but our "empty" repository is 2 gb (!!!) :shock:  :shock:

How can I reduce the size of the repository? this is waaaaay too much for an empty one..

Please help me out here, this is sooo important, i have got my bosses all stressed and pissed with me here..  :evil: and I have to deliver a cd for the installation (not a dvd…) in the next few days..


Good day,