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Tiff Image Annotations from Web Client??

Question asked by bmarbury on Apr 1, 2009
Latest reply on May 23, 2015 by shripatel
I'm evaluating the Alfresco web client as a replacement for an existing document management system.

In the current system, we make extensive use of annotations to tiff documents which are stored separately from the original image.  This is a requirement because we don't want the annotations displayed to every audience and prefer to keep the original intact.  The documents are annotated "online/inline" so the user does not have to download, edit, upload.  This is also a requirement.

I have reviewed many posts in this and other forums on inline editing and saving annotations but have not found a satisfactory answer on how this might be done.

My assumption is that a separate browser plugin or applet would need to be used in order to manage storing the annotations separately as well as retrieving the annotations and displaying them with the document images.

1) Has anyone implemented this functionality?  If so, can you please give a high level description of the solution?
2) If you have not implemented this, are the any contributors or engineers that can give a high level recommendation of a solution/architecture?