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Seemingly random LazyInitializationExceptions

Question asked by bjorn_r on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by bjorn_r
In one of our Alfresco solutions we have used JavaScript for all interaction with the Alfresco repository.  The JavaScript API and the Web Scripts were very easy to work with and we were very pleased until strange errors started to appear in our solution. By investigating the logs we found that some LazyInitializationExceptions were the most probable cause and that the other errors were just a result of the initial LIE-exceptions. However, we have not been able to track down what causes the exceptions. The stack trace just points out the Rhino wrapper.

Everything seems to work ok when we run our tests, but over time as the users interact with the system it gradually deteriorate.

Does anyone have a clue what can cause the exceptions or have a suggestion on a good strategy to track down the errors? I have not filed an issue in JIRA since I’m not yet able to produce a replicable case of failure.