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How to display AuditInfo about user authentication

Question asked by ribz33 on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by mikef

I'm trying to log user authentication.
So i configure my custom auditConfig.xml like this:
<Service name="AuthenticationService" mode="none">
  <Method name="authenticate" mode="success" />

All is working fine, datas are correct in alf_audit_fact.

Now i want to display this auditInfos in web-client.
I wanted to make a template but it seems that we can return AuditInfo only for a node. But node_uuid is null in alf_audit_fact when we audit "authenticate" method.

So how i can return auditInfo in template when node_uuid is null ?
If its not possible what are solutions to do what i want ? (add a freemarker function ? make a custom dialog ?)

Thanks in advance.