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questions according integration of Alfresco

Question asked by jensgoldhammer on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2008 by nancyg
Hello all,

our company develops solutions by integrating existing applications via webservices and a bpel engine which coordinates it. We provide user-centric tasks in it and want to support documents interaction for the users. We have seen that there some ways for integrating Alfresco.

Can you provide me some integration hints?

My ideas are:
- Integration via Web Services which can be used to query, fetch and insert documents.

a) First way is that we can have local copies of the documents which are stored in Alfresco and have to assure at the end that changes which have been made during a workflow process are getting back to Alfresco. These files have to be downloaded by the fileserver and we can integrate the links for these files in our web client. After certain steps we can proof these files and play back the files which have been changed so that other users can made changes. It is possible to lock these files for this time span?

b) We fetch only the ids and metadata of the documents and provide a link to download it directly of Alfresco. Is this possible? This would be the small variant, but then it is task of the user to play back the changes, or? How can we implement a good mechanism to see that the user have made changes to the documents?

- another possibility would be to integrate the gui of alfresco into the user client. Is there a possiblity to use it as an iframe and control the user-interface by passing a certain url to alfresco? (Maybe we want to show documents which have a relationship with a certain customer…) 

Thanks in advance,
Jens Goldhammer