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from task to assignee

Question asked by bedag-moo on Jan 23, 2008
Hello forumers,

I'd like to query and manipulate the person a task item is assigned to in freemarker templates / JavaScript and Alfresco 2.1. Alas, the WorkflowTaskItem API does not appear to contain a property to obtain that information.

In my case, it would be enough if I could detect, for a given task, whether it is assigned to the current user or her pool, and modify that (I am integrating a "my pooled tasks" into the office addin, and would like to provide buttons to claim and relinquish ownership).

To query, the best idea I have come up with is to iterate over workflow.assignedTasks and see if the task in question is contained therein. Is there a better way?

So far, I have no idea how to take / relinquish ownership of the task. Have you?