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Comments and problems with 2.9B

Question asked by mabayona on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by daniele001
I´ve been playing with 2.9B a cuple of days (i.e.last nighly 20080108) and my general impression is good, but have the following comments:

- CIFS not working (a fix seems to be in SVN for the next release)
- The "Projects" space shows a new entry in the  Create > New Project that dissapears if the directory changes its name.
- The distrubution algorithm of a "space browse" window has changed. Before it was that the column with most content gets the space and now it seems to be proportional even if the colum is empty. Well, i know that it maybe a personal taste thing but the previous algorithm seemed to use better the available space.

Anyway, good job and looking forward for the next nightly/release.