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Content Scheduling?  aka timed launch/expiration

Question asked by mccarthymp on Apr 2, 2009
I'm trying to set up Alfresco to handle content scheduling.  This will apply to both WCM and Document Management.  From looking at the product pages on the main page:
Integrated workflow and content lifecycle management

    * jBPM integration with task manager via a dashboard
    * Controlled and audited content development through creation, review, approval, time launch, expiration, retention and archiving
I have found the related info for WCM which seems mediocre at best.  My understanding is that the timed launch is basically scheduling a piece of content to be promoted to the staging sandbox and expiration is creating a task for a user to "do something" in order to remove the expired content.  I can't find anything on the forums or wiki about the document management's content scheduling functionality.  From the above quote, I think it probably means that you have to create and advanced workflow to accomplish content scheduling.  Does anyone know more about this and if there is an OOTB way to schedule content?

At this point I am leaning towards adding a custom model/aspect to include launch date and expiration date which I can then access through the webscripts API when retrieving content from the repository.  Has anyone already done this and have any advice on how to proceed?