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problem with CIFS configuration in Linux

Question asked by sanket on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by luisg
    I have problem related with CIFS configuration.And When I start the alfresco server it gives me following errors related with Samba protocol in the catalina.log file. Even I have checked that my Samba service is enabled as well as I also tried out by changing the Broadcast setting (By using "ifconfig" command in linux I have get the BCast address and raplace it in file-server.XML) but still it gives me the same kind of errors.Even I have tried out by disabling the firewall setting in linux.

    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

17:44:57,053 User:System ERROR [alfresco.smb.protocol] Failed to get local domain/workgroup name, using default of WORKGROUP
17:44:57,053 User:System ERROR [alfresco.smb.protocol] (This may be due to firewall settings or incorrect <broadcast> setting)