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Searching in Zip files

Question asked by osho on Apr 3, 2009

I have my zip files with some extension say 'myext'. I want alfresco to do indexing for the zip files as well. Currently it doesn't seem to support searching in zip files. As per my knowledge, Alfresco uses Lucene for indexing the content, and Lucene supports zip files indexing.

What I exactly want Alfresco to do is to whenever I update/add *.myext, it treat it as zip file, temporarily unpack it, do the indexing in all the files inside ( like .txt, .html, .pdf, .css etc, I don't need it to do it recursive, that is if there is another Zip file inside this  zip file ), but Alfresco keep the content in single zip file only in repository. Now whenever I serach for any content, which is inside the zip file, it show me that zip file.

I don't know, whether Alfresco supports .docx or not, and .docx is also a zip file.

Is there any way, I can do it using Alfresco 3.0 labs, right now by configuring it non-programatically ? If I need to write a plugin for it, where can I write it, and the starting pointer for it. Alfresco seems uses Lucene 2.1 which is 2 years old release, will upgrading the Lucene to latest version help??

Correct me If I am wrong.