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Suspending the workflow at particlalar condition

Question asked by rockycres on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2009 by rockycres

I am currently customizing the submit_processdefinition.xml to our needs.I need to have a validation java hook(action or decision  handlers) at a specific point in the workflow process which will validate the condition and if returns success the  submit process will continue normally.If it fails,we don't want the user to submit the content, so we need to disable the OK button & display some error message in the UI to the user which will be passed from the handler class.

   The problem we face here is that,we are able to pass the control to the validation handler which will do the validation &able to  pass the error message to the UI,

   1.But we are able to the disable the ok button,any idea how we can do this.
   2.Since the ok button is not disabled , the flow  goes to the next page and the  error message is  printing in the next page.

From the container.jsp,we understand the Wizardmanager is doint al the html renderings we tried use the wizart manger inside the ftl to disable the OK button ,but it's not working..

Plz find the following the snap shots which will define our process flow..]

Any help appreciated..