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Strange dot files after importing images with webdav

Question asked by moschops on Apr 4, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by sirloxelroy
I have Alfresco 3.0 labs and when I copy an image file into my repository using webdav on my Mac, if the type is jpeg I get a strange extra file called ._<name>.jpg  where the original file was <name>.jpg   The .jpg file is imported okay - but the ._ file doesn't seem to be a valid image - it always seems to be 4096 bytes long and inside it contains a bunch of nulls, including the text "This resource fork intentionally left blank".  Running 'file' on it identifies the file as "AppleDouble encoded Macintosh file". 

Is this some weird artifact of MacOS webdav (maybe trying to create an icon in the webdav dir?) or is it a webdav bug or what?

Interstingly it doesn't seem to happen with .gif and .png files. 

I do not have ImageMagick installed on my server.