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WebScript and Multi Language

Question asked by kma on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2008 by davidc

A question about multi language and webscripts:

1) As far as I understand the language is taken from
    the browsers setting when a webscript is invoked.
    I our case the users can select a language on the page
    and we don't want to use  the browser setting. 
    Is there any way where we  can set the language ?
    One option is to configure a java bean into the webscript
    and basically call
    I18NUtil.setLocale(locale). Is there any other options ?

2) Freemarker templates and multi language, how do I access
    multi language content in Freemarker templates.  If locale
    is set and I have ML content I would expect it picked up
    the correct language content. It seems not to be the case.
    Any idea/hint.