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BitNami Alfresco installer for OS X

Question asked by beltran on Jan 29, 2008
Hi all,

We have released a BitNami Alfresco Stack for OSX (compiled natively on OS X PowerPC and Intel to increase the yield). The stack includes:

- Alfresco 2.0.1
- Apache-Tomcat 5.5.25
- MySQL 5.0.45
- ImageMagick 6.3.6
- JDK 1.5 (optional)

and is packaged with an installer that automatically installs and configures everything necessary to run Alfresco. This stack doesn't interfere with any software already installed on your system. We will be releasing a version that also includes Open Office in the near future.

You can download at:

In addition to the OS X stack, we also have Alfresco stacks for Linux and Windows (Solaris is coming soon).