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How can I set the default language in labs 3 final?

Question asked by jml75 on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2009 by aidenwin
Hi guys!

I have Labs 3 final installed on my server. It was upgraded from community 2.1. I run the french locale.

Since 2.1 and now in 3.0, I managed to change the order of the languages in web-client-config-custom.xml. It works.

But initialy, to get the guest home page and login page to be in French by default, I had to use the "-Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR".

In 3.0, it still works properly.

But now I have a problem. I initially only had french speaking Alfresco users. But now I have also english speaking users and because of the option "-Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR", the web gui only displays in french even when I choose the english option at login.

I tried removing option "-Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR" but then the site defaulted to english and it can't be that way.

At worst, I could have the default language to be french and then at login change it to english but the opposite is unaccetable to my users.

Is there a way to fix this?