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Server Administration Statistics

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 8, 2009
Good Morning all

I have installed Alfresco 3 in our small company to store our Procedures and QA documents. The reason why I am writing this post is because studying alfresco in its version 2.9b (Multy-Tenency) I remember seeing a document that explained how to access to a system-webpage that you could use to study the statistics of your alfresco server:
User utilization, space stored… it offers some graphic charts. I would like to use that to manage and control our new Alfresco 3 installation, but now dont remember where this document is in the wiki, and dont know how to get access to this.

Could you please help me to find it so I can use it? I would need something that can be use to control the access of the users, size of the repository…. things like that.

Thanks a lot in advance