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[URGENT]JSP + Beans + ActionListener

Question asked by joksy on Apr 8, 2009
Hi guys i m back,

Today i maybe understand a little more, about some things. So for instance create an actionlistener, but it do not work.

Please try to help me, i m new to some technology and is not so clear how to manage them.
So I have create MyCustomCreateContentWizard class which extentds CreateContentWizard.

I follow some other class implementation like to implement mine.

But now my question is very important for me and i hope simple for you.
During the creation of the content i want to use one my custom model say A.
A have some association on it.

How can i show the association during the content creation in one of my jsp page insead of the last jsp called after finishButton (jsp that is unknown seems that nobady know it anyway).
So my task is to show some type property before.

First is that Possible or it is require to setting after content creation????
If it doable some one can give me some hints to proceeds.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards