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move function doesn't trigger update rule

Question asked by savoirfaire on Apr 8, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2009 by savoirfaire

In our workflow, we use the following structure :

\_ tmp

and the following script :

var sourceFile = document;
var sourceFolder = document.parent;
var targetFolder = space.parent;
var targetFile = targetFolder.childByNamePath(;

if(targetFile == null)
        var targetFileWorkingCopy = targetFile.checkout();
   var content =['content'];['content'].write(content);

to either move or add a new version to a file in the 'Approved' directory. This script is triggered when a file entered the 'tmp' directory.

In the 'Approved' directory, we have 2 rules :
  • For all items not matching '*.pdf' in the file name, convert to pdf in 'Approved', on Update.

  • For all items matching '*.pdf' in the file name, send email to a group of users, on Update.
When the file 'toto.odt' is approved and doesn't exist in 'Approved', my first rule is not triggered.

If I use the 'Add content' link to add the same file in 'Approved', my first rule is triggered and triggers the second one.

I am using Alfresco Version :Labs - v3.0.0 (e dev @build-number@)

Thank you for your help.