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Dynamically Set Approvers List?

Question asked by dlsap on Apr 8, 2009
Hi everyone.  I am currently using the Default Workflow to create the list of approvers when submitting content.  When I go to the Configure Workflow page on the submit page, here is where I can add approvers.  I can also have default approvers when editing my web project settings to configure this workflow.

My question is, I want to dynamically create the list of default approvers based on an attribute of the created content (during the Create Web Content Wizard), for example the name.  Where can i go to do this?  is it in the wcmWorkflowModel.xml file?  do i have to create java code?  Basically when they go to submit this newly created content, i want to be able to go to the Configure Workflow screen and already have a list of approvers listed there based on the name of the name attribute of the newly created content.  i would also want the add approver part disabled or deleted and type of review (serial/parralell) read only.

i will probably associate the name and the specific approver in a database for lookup unless there is a better way in alfresco to do this?

I am new to alfresco so any help would be great.  Thanks.