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Using the jBPM Business Calendar to set the task due date?

Question asked by jdbrown on Jan 30, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2008 by jdbrown
I have a workflow where a task should have a due date of 3 business days relative to the the day the task is created.

The "business" day is the catch as one could easily use a task-created event and set:
 taskInstance.dueDate = new Date() + 3; 
   However, that does not take business days into account.

I see Alfresco already includes the jBPM business calendar and wondering what the notation would be to access this in script within a task event?  I believe the business calendar can be used by Timer event in the workflow by something like
<timer duedate="3 business days" transition="launch" >
  So, I was wondering if there is something similar in notation for setting the task due date directly?

If not, any recommendations on what is the best practice for implementing this type of logic, as it seems it would be a fairly common need?