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Upgrade v2.0.0 -> Labs-3 [ALFRESCO Community editions]

Question asked by cj.deb on Apr 9, 2009
I tried several times and several possibilities to upgrade from
  ALFRESCO Community Network - v2.0.0 (build-185)
   Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
  ALFRESCO Labs-3_-dev-Linux-x86-Install
   Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
   [latest Alfresco-Labs-3e-dev-Linux-x86-Install]

until now without success :-(
I hope for your help, so thank you in advance

I also tried intermediate releases, but maybe also wrong, so some recommendation would be nice.

I expected the
* Bootstrap destination Repository from ACP files exported from Full Export
would be best, but no success [on a fresh installed alfresco and new Ubuntu 8.04 OS]
I used Bootstrap once for Hardware migration/recovery backup but for same alfrasco version 2.0 -> 2.0 : OK.

I also checked several informations on the web incl.
and forum
[PS: Alfrasco 3 is working fine after fresh install and no import is tried to be done.]

Any idea?