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alf_Transcation is full

Question asked by rubicon49bc on Apr 9, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2009 by rubicon49bc
Getting this error

[#|2009-04-09T19:17:03.167+0000|INFO|sun-appserver2.1|org.alfresco.repo.transaction.RetryingTransactionHelper|_ThreadID=16;_ThreadName=pool-1-thread-4;|Retrying pool-1-thread-4: count 39; wait: 1.4s; msg: "Hibernate operation: could not insert: [org.alfresco.repo.domain.hibernate.TransactionImpl]; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [insert into alf_transaction (version, server_id, change_txn_id, commit_time_ms) values (?, ?, ?, ?)]; SQL state [HY000]; error code [1114]; The table 'alf_transaction' is full; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: The table 'alf_transaction' is full"; exception: (org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException)|#]

Is it safe to clean this table?